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KeySmart ProThe KeySmart Pro is a TILE-enabled key management solution that will help you not be stabbed by pointy keys, and also help you find them in the event you lose them.

Why TILE’s cool

Some of the benefits of TILE include being able to see the last known location of an object, other TILE owner’s phones reporting your device’s location, and the ability to make your phone sing when you press the TILE key on the KeySmart.

As that second part sounds a little creepy, a quick explanation: the device is transmitting a beacon that says essentially “I’m a device with a mac address of 1E:AT:DE:AD:BE:EF” every few seconds. Your phone picks that up and in general until you stop hearing that your phone assumes that device is with you. Other people with TILE apps out in the wild will occasionally check in with the list of devices they see, so John at a restaurant may have his keys but his phone also sees TILEs with different addresses and transmits them back to TILE HQ.

KeySmart ProKeySmart ProKeySmart ProKeySmart Pro

So in the event your phone dies, you drop your keys on the way home, get in using an emergency key, anyone who uses TILE who passes your lost keys will transmit some data about their location and you can look it up in the app when you sober up.

Why KeySmart Pro is neat

KeySmart Pro
This, handled

On the box KeySmart Pro claims it allows you to get up to 14 keys on it, on the website they say 8-10. In my use scenario I was able to position for eight due to one long office key. I actually am not packing additional keys for a full key test, so we’ll say I fail here. I could have got eight.

That said, the annoying key that loves to tear into my flesh is now contained in a device that can locate the annoying key that likes to tear into my flesh. They’re also fairly easy to flip out and I don’t make any key jingle noises when opening doors.

The battery is rechargeable, which when I look back at charging my keys I just have to laugh. A single charge is supposed to last up to three months, however I have not been reviewing this three months yet so I’m going by their word.

It’s also got a little low powered flashlight on it, and ships with a beer bottle opener that doubles as a keyfob or loop hook. The opener also helps you occasionally find need for the TILE app.

Overall, if you ever worry about losing your keys and you have to pocket them, this is an elegant solution, although it doesn’t save much in the way of space.

KeySmart ProKeySmart ProKeySmart ProKeySmart Pro

If your keys aren’t in a pocket and bugging you, this probably is overkill and a simple TILE tag would suffice.

That said, it’s neat, I’d buy at a lower price.

Where can I get one?

Amazon for about $60.

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