A morning with Sprint (total time: 3 hours, 21 minutes)

I’d switched to a Note 8 (unrooted) due to issues with my HTC 10 dying on the table. I was informed by several people that hotspot worked now up to 10GB and today I needed it to get an app working on daughter’s Amazon Fire Kids.

7:48am I went to turn it on and got the message that I had not subscribed to it. I knew this was going to be a freaking great morning already.Hotspot failure

8:08am got into work, checked the account and it’s the Family unlimited ($100 a month, unlimited, 2 lines.) All I wanted to do was ask Sprint why there wasn’t tethering working with this but saw no way to. I went to the contact us and it said the way to start a chat was to hit the button on the page floating to the right.

Yeah, it wasn’t there. I know what they’re talking about but it simply was never there on Edge or Chrome. Another way was to contact them on Twitter, which I did at 8:36am. Side note – chat floater reappeared later.

8:56am the Twitter agents sent me a link to go to. It connected with my Twitter account and was supposed to be a secure messenger. Asked a few questions, I clicked submit. Nothing happened.

9:02am I tried a few different security PIN options and nada. Never anything. Pressing the button did nothing. I took a screenshot and showed it to the Sprint DM on Twitter who informed me it was because my PIN was listed as “this or that” – which is what I put it at after trying the correct PIN and it still not working.

9:16am I get resent to the page, nothing. Sent again, and now am getting an HTTP error ” “Request Entity Too Large The requested resource /removingthisincaseit’sidentifiable/plugins/custom/sprint/response_chat_integration/sso_login_redirect does not allow request data with GET requests, or the amount of data provided in the request exceeds the capacity limit.””


sprint can't be found

Go to Sprint’s website to review the plan, all I want to know is why everyone else has tethering supposedly and I don’t. Oh, looks like perhaps there’s a difference in the plan I have “Family Unlimited” (not listed,) and “Unlimited” same price with auto draft (tethering is listed.) I click add to cart just to see what happens.

Yup, shop.sprint.com can’t be found. 404. I do a quick browser check on another computer (that’s on a different ISP,) to make sure I’m not infected with something that might be grabbing my connection. Nope. That’s a 404 error on promotion.jsp.

9:34am I decide to give them a call.

I reached an operator, not sure what her name was as I could not hear her for all the people talking behind her. She could also not hear me and people were reciting phone numbers behind her head. After three minutes of attempting to give her a very long numeric PIN I have I gave up. She couldn’t hear me and was losing every other number I gave her. She couldn’t even hear me saying I was going to hang up because she couldn’t hear anything and needed to punch a coworker.

9:42, 14 minutes after I sent the Sprint Care a DM on the “entity too large” error I get a new link. This one works.

10:05am 23 minutes after connecting to the Secure Message page I get a rep saying “please give me sometime to review your account.”

10:13am published this for the first time.

10:20 shoot the Twitter reps a note asking if the secure message people are still working as there’s nobody responding.

10:30 they may have responded, I had to go deal with something I couldn’t remote desktop into.


Upsell - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

10:50am … eff it I’m going to poop

11:00am CST no response

11:04am still no response but notice that there’s “Unlimited Plan,” “Unlimited Family,” “Family Unlimited,” and “Unlimited Freedom” all of which seem to be the same plan but with hotspot or not hotspot.

11:13am wandering off to fix something in the building, still no response on their secure messenger. shop.sprint.com is working now so after I get confirmation that for no extra I can get 10 gig a month hotspot as opposed to paying $50 for 6 gig, I’ll probably activate that.

11:26am nothing

11:32am shoot Twitter @sprintcare a note that it’s been 52 minutes that I’ve been waiting for a response.

11:38am a response, unfortunately they didn’t reply to my question, restated my question.

11:42am doesn’t have answers as to whether there is any difference between the discontinued Family Plan and the new Unlimited Freedom but going to go find out.

11:47am I’m at two cups of coffee, two Kirkland Nutrition Shakes, and three coke zeros since I started this. As such I am revisiting the loo and contemplating whether I could pick up Kim’s phone, get down to T-Mobile and switch over faster than I can get an answer from Sprint.

11:52am got an answer… just verifying it’s a month to month (couldn’t find that in the terms,) and whether it’s shared 10gb hotspot or per line, and then I can transfer this over myself

11:57am I got an answer on one thing (that it’s 10gb per line,) but not the other (contract term.) Giving up and just switching the plan.

Using a time calculator, to get the answer to these questions:

Is mobile hotspot on my current plan or is there an issue with my software?
If not on my plan can I switch to this other plan at the same price?
Is the 10gb on that plan shared.

Took three hours, twenty one minutes. 

12:04pm the agent asked if I wanted him to apply the changes. I said sure. I’m expecting the phones to explode shortly.

12:14 plan appears to have been changed as Mobile Hotspot isn’t giving that warning, and have the notice from them now that once a plan is changed I can’t go back and it could result in the loss of discounts. Nice to know post change.

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