ROMOSS UPower 10000mAh Power Bank Review

It’s been quite some time since we looked at a power bank way back when we looked at a crushproof(I did finally find the limit but that’s for another time) model from zendure. Today we have a visually similar but entierly different beast from Romoss. Weighing in at 10,000 mAh the UPower isn’t the largest bank we’ve looked at but it has some key features that more than make up for that.

Unboxing and inspection

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The packaging used is informative and unusually entertaining. The packaging is clearly designed for retail shelves being colorful and eye catching. The powerbank itself is visible through a window in the packaging(making the color indicating sticker redundant) although I’d prefer that the ports be visible instead of the side of the bank. Overall the package is designed well although the included usb cable seems a bit silly like that was meant for a different product.

Port arrangement and charging


IMG 20170902 180947 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereRomoss has equipped the UPower with a typical selection(two ports) In the arrangement we’ve come to expect.. The charging ports are rated for 2.1amp and 1amp depending on the number of lighting bolts on the port. I would like to see them located further apart or both changed to 2.1 amp ports on a future revision. This powerbank does feature “Charge through” making it an excellent option to replace a broken or lost ac adapter. Full charge time from empty comes in at roughly 8 hours which is reasonable. The output when measured was typically 1.3-1.7 amps at peak, a bit lower than the maximum 2.1 but sufficient to charge my old htc m8 from dead in three hours. The capacity comes in as expected capable of keeping up with my HTC10 for a charge a day before not quite making it through the fourth.

Closing thoughts

I have to give the Romoss a recommendation considering it was stolen by my wife shortly after testing finished. Available in Gold, Space Grey, or Rose Gold the UPower power bank is both fashionable and functional. At 34.99 for the Space Grey we tested the device is above and beyond being the sum of it’s parts.

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