Accell Type-C to DP and DP MST hub Review

Accell has sent in some interesting devices to get a look at in the past. As both of these are Displayport it seemes appropriate to include both of them in a single article. To that end we have a Type C to Displayport and mini Displayport to multistream hub to examine.

USB-C to Displayport

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This USB C to Displayport cable is by far the simpler of the items we’re looking at today. Since Type C supports Displayport natively the cable is entirely passive. There were no issue using it to connect my  HTC 10 to various Displayport equipped monitors. I did encounter androids very poor management of display orientation but that’s not the cable’s fault.  I had no issue using this cable monitor is ranging from 1920 x 1200 all the way up to a new 4K panel. There were some issues with a small PC that has a USB Type C. However I don’t believe that those were the cable or the port on the mini PC. The monitoring in question has shown some particular pickiness about what device willing to talk to be a Displayport.

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Displayport multi stream is the Holy Grail of mobile multi-monitor setups. I remember years ago using various VGAs splitters that barely worked. There were also various devices from Matrox that required a hefty amount of logic in order to achieve what Displayport allows naively.  This little hub with nothing more than a USB port allows output to multiple panels with no issues.  Multistream unlike other methods of duplicating panels has no requirement that the adapter perform any matrixing or that the panels mirrors of each other. They are truly independent of each other. Current implementations of Displayport can manage up to two 2560×1600 or four 1920×1080 panels simultaneously as long as your gpu can handle it. I regularly use multistream built into some monitors at work to daisy chain a pair of 1920×1200 panels. There were no issues using this hub with a ThinkPad P50 and it’s mini Displayport out to talk to a 2560×1440 and 1920×1200 panel simultaneously.

Closing Thoughts

Accell has once again sent us products that perform entirely as advertised. And in this case both the Type C cable and Multistream adapter were well built. At 29.99 the Type c cable is priced a bit high but is reasonable considering it’s utility. The multistream hub is a shocking 39.99 far more affordable than devices like it have ever been.

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