AmpliFi Teleport connects you to your home network anywhere

The AmpliFi Teleport is a wired or wireless device that creates a VPN connection into your home network so you can access whatever you want at home wherever you are.

AmpliFi Teleport

The Teleport connects to a third party network and establishes a connection home, and then serves up a WiFi hotspot that only you can use that goes right back to your home AmpliFi HD network. This leaves no worries about connecting into a third party WiFi or wired network because the connection is encrypted from Teleport to Home, and also from Teleport to whatever device you’re using it with.

Possible use scenarios include being able to watch your local programming while you’re in another country, streaming things from your home network’s DVR that won’t let you watch out of the house, accessing your baby cameras that you do not let be connected to the internet for safety reasons, etc.

You might be wondering if this isn’t just a VPN box with WiFi and.. yes. You can probably set up a computer to host a VPN for you if you want for free.

On the ease of use side you can also set up your parent’s house as part of your local network so you can get a phone call and start Chromecasting something for them in theory.

It’s a neat idea, funding currently on Kickstarter with $1405 to go as of this writing to completely fund. Units start shipping in December, so if you want a VPN home for the holidays, this may be the thing for you.

Check out their Kickstarter. Hopefully one of the Pocketables audience will be the one to make them hit their goal. (That would show them the four they’ve sent us had some effect)

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