A less bad, but still perplexing interaction with Sprint

Perplexing SprintYou may recall my HTC 10 story. TL;DR took it in for a battery, screen died, new screen didn’t fix it, company bought me a new one a few days later.

I’ve been setting it up for my wife. Google still does a piss poor job of transferring stuff from phone to phone and that’s been a real demotivating factor in moving her from a busted screen M9 to an HTC 10 for both of us.

Things such as sick kids, Pocketables being down, kids again, work, kids, etc have put things on the back burner and I’ve been fairly slow at getting all her accounts set back up, and waiting for a case to show that the 2yo couldn’t manage to destroy the phone in. Anyway, last night was the night – everything transferred, ready to make the switch.

I go to Sprint’s website, change the phone, activate a new phone, enter the MEID, it pulls up the SIM that’s associated with the thing and tells me I can’t activate that phone but to drop in by a Sprint store and they’ll get that taken care of. Uhhh… no. Got to be done now, I don’t have time.

I spend a few minutes on chat with a remarkably helpful person, tell them the deal, ask them if the phone’s un-activatable or anything, they assure me it’s fine and that I simply left out a number when attempting to activate it.

Um, I was only asked for the MEID, when I pressed check it pulled up the SIM ID that was in the phone. Pretty sure I did not leave out a number.

Phone activated, they attempt to sell me an iPhone X, I decline.

It starts feeling like the entire point of denying me an activation was to 1) keep me from watching the first half of Stranger Things S2:e5, 2) attempt to upsell me to a different phone.

Ah well, activated now, and then Kim took the old phone to work by force of habit.

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Paul E King

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