The RapidX Xscape can charge your phone and may get you out of a wreck

RapidX XscapeThe RapidX Xscape is a dual USB car charger that adds the ability in an emergency to bust out a window or slice a seatbelt.

RapidX Xscape as a USB Charger

Since most people’s power ports are within arm’s reach, the Xscape is almost the perfect multi-function travel device. It can charge 2.1amps max with a total output of about three watts, so it’s capable of charging most small devices.

It’s not the world’s fastest charger, but it will get one device 2.1 amps of juice, or two devices 1.5 amps.

RapidX Xscape safety razor

RapidX XscapeIn the event of a rollover crash (or just a really hard bump,) chances are pretty good that your seatbelts are locked and are not going to unlock easily. If you’re hanging upside down you’re not going to be able to release the belt with anything short of superhuman strength so here’s where the safety razor kicks in.

Pop the Xscape out of the power port, slice the belt off, get out of the vehicle or help someone else out.

Alternately if you need to cut fishing line these things are ideal.

The safety razor has a guard over it that should keep prying fingers away if you’ve got a little one once it’s plugged in.

RapidX Xscape safety hammer

While I’ve never had to break out the windows from the inside of a car to get out, I’ve had an opportunity to attempt to break into a car (save a dog,) and let me tell you, it’s not as easy as you’d think it would be.

The Xscape has a steel tipped bit in the center of the charge contact and can be used to break safety glass in the event you have to exit a vehicle, or get in and save an overheating pet.

RapidX Xscape

Whatever the case it’s a useful tool to have within arms reach.

Room for improvement?

Coming in at under $15 there’s not a lot I want in this to be the perfect travel companion, but it would be nice if they’d stick a Qualcomm Quick Charge chip in there, up the amperage a tad, maybe throw in a Bluetooth beacon, but that’s just my tech nerd showing.

RapidX XscapeRapidX XscapeRapidX XscapeRapidX Xscape

It’s a great little product and could save you or a loved one, so if you don’t already have an escape hammer and seatbelt cutter handy grab one of these.

Get the RapidX Xscape Safety Hammer and cutter

They’re available right now for $13.99 on Amazon, and may get you out of wreck or at least a low battery.

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