[TIP] Get an Awesome Weather App for Free on Android

Weather apps have been among the most popular installs since the dawn of smartphone time. Everyone wants to know the forecast, and rightly so. Today’s tip is specifically for users with Android devices running the Google suite of apps. There’s a nice, attractive, and relatively full-featured weather app hiding in the Google app and today I’m going to show you how to access it.


1. Ensure you are running the latest version of the Google app.
2. Open said Google app and type in a weather search in the search box. Like “weather Nashville” or “weather 90210”. You’ll get a nice display of current and upcoming conditions.

3.Hit the overflow (three dot) menu and choose “Add a Home screen shortcut”. Check out your home screen and you should see a shiny new Material Design weather icon.

4. Anytime you want to access the weather simply touch that icon and you’ll get a full-screen weather app from Google without installing any new apps on your system. The app shows current and upcoming temperature, precipitation, wind, and more conditions. It has pretty much everything most users will want, with the possible exception of radar maps.

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Robert Daniels

I'm a long-time tech and gadget enthusiast that currently uses Android, Windows 10 Mobile, and iOS devices. I'm always interested in ways to improve my family's life with new devices and services, though my beautiful wife might just say I'm addicted to playing with gadgets.