Got MoviePass? Then You Need RunPee

If you are, like me, one of the 1,000,000+ MoviePass subscribers that have signed up to the service since it’s price drop to $10 per month then chances are you will be seeing a lot of movies in the near future. And with those movies generally come snacks and sodas. With the snacks and sodas come bathroom breaks. RunPee from polyGeek exists to help you properly time those bathroom breaks and to fill you in on what you’ll miss while you are, um, indisposed.

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RunPee has been around as an app since the Windows Phone 7 days but has since moved on to Android and iOS devices. Basically, the maintainers of the RunPee database go to see movies as they are released and keep a careful eye out for boring or unimportant stretches of movies that lend themselves to bathroom breaks. They then take and provide notes about what you’ll miss if you step out of the theater. And it is brilliant!

In addition to bathroom breaks, RunPee will summarize the first few minutes of the movie. This is most helpful for folks, like my wife, that are chronically late. The app will also let you know if there are any mid- or post-credit scenes. There are nice features like setting the app to vibrate your phone at the break times, links to critic and user reviews, and info on when to expect RunPee data on new movies.


While the service that RunPee provides is fantastic, the same cannot be said of the app. All of my notes come from the Android version of the app as I don’t have access to an iPhone as of this writing. The first problem with the app is that it is just ugly. It is simple, which is fine, but the app features on screen buttons like an iOS app. Also, the menu doesn’t seem to work. As soon as you scroll on it it closes.


RunPee operates on a subscription model. As soon as you link an email address to the app, accessing RunPee reviews presents you with a brief advertisement before showing you the pee data. There is the option to purchase “Peecoins”. One dollar nets you seven reviews. That’s not bad for what you get and is something I can support. The problem is, if you don’t associate an email address all of the reviews are free. Surely this will be updated in some future version of the app, but since the app hasn’t been updated since July 2017 I’m not holding my breath.


RunPee is a great service plagued by a garbage app experience. In the end, however, its the data that is useful so the app is something I put up with. Check it out yourself on the Play Store or App Store.

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