Power through the day with these iClever charging solutions

I’ve got three iClever items I’ve been playing with. Each one becomes one of those things of “oh, that’s pretty cool,” but not really 300-words song and dance kind of cool. So here you go, a combo review of some fairly well done, if personally unexciting iClever products.

iClever boostcube ic-wb41q

iClever Boostcube+ 40W 4-Port USB Wall Charger

It’s four ports, foldable prongs for travel and pocket friendliness, can charge 2.4amps per port with a total of 8amps max per four ports (which would be 2 amps per port if you’re pulling that much power).

While not the most powerful charger in existence, probably will do for most all needs. Does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge.

Available for $17.99 currently from Amazon.


iClever USB C 45W power delivery wall charger

iClever Boostcube USB C power delivery chargerIf you’re looking for something to charge a Samsung Notebook, MacBook, Nintendo Switch, or any of the 2017/2018 flagship phones with USB C charging, you’ve found the product.

Should be noted this is far more power than your average phone is going to ever need coming in at ~9 amps nothing you stick in your pocket is going to require it. As such I can say it charges a phone, but it is powerful enough to charge four simultaneously, but sadly limited to one USB C port.

So look at this for notebooks, dog-sized products.

It’s currently available for $24.99 from Amazon.


iClever BoostStrip (4x USB, 2X wall outlet) charger

iClever BooststripHere’s a space saving device that takes one wall outlet, turns it into two and throws in 4 USB ports for some change.

Capable of charging up to 2.4 amps on a port, the only letdown here is that the maximum output is 4.8 amps. Now this is more than enough to top off and charge devices, but if you came at it with four dead  tablets at once it could only charge all of them at 1.2 amps.

Not bad for a space saving device, probably a great solution for 95% of the population.

It’s currently available for $19.99 (white,) and $21.99 (black,) from Amazon.

Wrap up

I will close with mentioning these all seem fairly well built, don’t heat up that I noticed, and do their job without issue. I have no problems with them. So while I may sound unenthusiastic, they do the job and as of this point in my gadget reviewing I’ve not had one of their products die.

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