Sense Home Energy Monitor now on the web

Sense WebOf of the complaints against the Sense Home Energy Monitor since day one has been the lack of a web interface and robust energy cost accounting.

They’ve recently made some strides in the cost accounting with a simple rate*kW model that works for people like me who pays one rate regardless, still some work to do for people who have sliding scale rates and on-demand charges before certain hours.

They’ve also just added web support. Something that it feels like should have been the primary focus rather than mobile.

The web version can now be found at and functions pretty much the same as the app version.

Notably lacking are features to sort by how much energy something uses, time since last use, the ability to casually pair two devices (eg: stove has 3 signatures, you’re not sure about the fourth item and don’t want to just merge things).

Would also be extremely nice for there to be “don’t leave the house” alarm toggle on things for when you’ve got a curling iron or stove currently on.

Sense Web Freezer

Overall, Sense is marching toward being great. The $299 price tag however is still a mental hurdle for people to overcome.

Many think that seeing what’s the problem isn’t going to change anything, but knowing that your water heater could cost $20 less a month with an insulating blanket, or that your dual fuel heat pump uses absurd power at a temperature point it’s supposed to be more efficient than gas, gives you tools to eventually save some cash. (Buy an insulating blanket, set gas kickon at higher temperature or have unit serviced).

It’s also great if you’re paranoid about leaving the stove on.

But, needs some more IFTTT type options built in rather than just push/email notifications.

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2 thoughts on “Sense Home Energy Monitor now on the web

  • Avatar of Charles Ward

    I’ve been using the merge feature in the android app to combine my two stove bubbles into one. I don’t think its on the web version yet, but it works fine in android. Have you built any ifttt applets using it?

    • Not yet – I need to do that but I was hoping for it to have picked up some of the smaller things by this point such as my wife’s curling iron (one of which nearly burned the house down) and the TV (as I want to know if the kids turned on the TV in the middle of the night) – may try playing with the stove to check if it’s on outside of normal hours tonight


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