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Woojer Strap – dive into the sound

Woojer StrapA long time ago I covered a product called the Woojer. It was an interesting concept but it suffered in most of my use cases and ended up feeling a little underpowered for music listening and a little clunky for gaming. These issues have been corrected, although new ones may have arisen.

Physically, the new Woojer Strap looks a little like an under-shirt gun/ammo holster and the red lights coming from the unit make you look a little like Iron Man. Combine with you’re going to have a wire coming out of this and maybe you make sure to not wear this where anyone might think you could be a threat. Sure it’s obvious to you this isn’t a homemade bomb, but maybe not so much to people who see you on a park bench using it.

When properly attached, the bass feels like you’re being hit by it at a club. Well, parts of you are. Positioned on my sternum my upper torso felt like it was clubbing, the audio coming off of the headset was so loud I kept popping my earbuds out to make sure I wasn’t actually rocking the room out. I’ll note it’s not lung-shaking bass, but it did feel like “people got to be able to hear last call” levels of bass.

Woojer Strap

And that’s where the Woojer Strap shines. You’re not rocking the room out. You barely hear anything from the unit. You can be rocking Call of Duty in bed and feel every report, be blown away by the sound (and that camper on the hill,) and not disturb someone next to you in bed (well, depending on bed, your propensity to shout obscenities at people in game, etc).

Woojer Strap
Woojer StrAPP squished

As a gaming device, this thing rules. You get the subwoofer and loud feel, you feel the rumbling of the earth, man it’s like the ultimate VR sound immersion device I’d imagine (Paul has not used this for VR because Paul has two kids who whack into him every time a headset gets put on).

As a music device, it’s a nice piece of hardware but it’s one of those apps I’ll skip. It’ll play media stored on the device, but not FLAC. Screens are stretched out and there’s no way to equalize what something else like Google Play Music or Spotify is using.

You can use the chest controls to make things louder or quieter, and make the unit respond harder or softer, but the chest controls are limited.

Woojer has a vest coming out that’s aimed at the VR market, evidently it has two front and four rear thumpers. I’m not sure what 3x the thumpers would accomplish overall, but I did notice a separation of experience between my upper and lower back, not that that’s an issue for me overall.

So for gaming it’s great, for jamming to your music and not disturbing people around you it’s pretty good. I think VR is the way this company needs to go, for while it’s a pretty sweet device, I don’t think it’s something that jumps right out at you as a must-have item.

That said, I’m glad I do have it.


Woojer StrapWoojer StrapWoojer StrapWoojer Strap

One concern you might have is it doesn’t appear to overly limit volume. I felt like I could turn it up until my ears bled. I didn’t but it reached pain levels. Personally, I turn it down to “get off my lawn,” levels but dang, that thing can get loud.

The Woojer Strap is currently $129.95 from Woojer with a 30 day money back and one year warranty. It currently lists itself as compatible with every game system out there except the Nintendo Switch, which I’m pretty sure it’s compatible with.

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