Aukey USB C hub and Bluetooth adapter review

When looking for adapters online there are a few manufacturers that seem to stand out from the multitude of options. AUKEY is one of those manufacturers that stands out and has been covered on Pocketables previously. Today we have a rather simple USB three type C hub and a Bluetooth adapter to take a look at.

USB type C hub

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This USB type C hub is far simpler than some of the ones we looked at in the previous weeks. Foregoing some of the more advanced features such as video output this hub is targeted at connectivity and data transfer. Three USB ports and a media card reader makes for a competent and flexible addition for most users. It was my experience that this hub worked without any issue with connected both to my HTC 10 as well as on the thunderbolt cable port of a Lenovo P50. I was not able to reach USB C 10 gigs per second which is to be expected. Testing the reader itself I was able to reach UHS-I speeds but not UHS-II.

Stereo Bluetooth audio adapter

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This little audio adapter was also sent to us in many ways is similar in size to a chromecast audio. It proved a quick and convenient way to add Bluetooth capability to any device with an auxiliary port including cars. I used it extensively at my desk for sometime and found it to be more than capable. The audio quality through this device was good and didn’t exhibit any of the connection issues we’ve seen on headsets. What applied automotive use in a 2012 Chevrolet Cruz which conveniently has both a USB port and an auxiliary jack in the center console. This allowed for the adapter to be connected 24×7 in such a scenario and stashed out of the way.

Closing thoughts

As a simple and affordable way to attach a older USB drive to devices that are type C the hub just works. Available on Amazon for 24.99 it would be a welcome addition for most people bags as long as they did not require some form of video output. As a way to add wireless capability to any speaker system the wireless Bluetooth adapter does not disappoint. As with the hub it is available on amazon for 17.99 far below a chromecast and not dependent on an existing wireless network.

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