Qacqoc USB hubs review

Qacqoc, certainly a winner for the strange name category has sent in some usb hubs to take a look at. These are type-c hubs echoing an aluminum and white aesthetic you may find on apple devices. These hubs should work with any USB type C device and we’ll do our testing with android and windows devices.

 Initial overview

We have two different products take a look at today one large and one small hub from Qacqoc’s portfolio. Both offer a premium appearing design using aluminum and white plastic.  Both were packaged similarly in a rather plain looking but well designed box including a foam insert. Also included is a soft fabric carrying case for the hub itself and perhaps a small accessory or two may fit alongside them.


The GN22B is the smaller of the two hubs offering a pair of USB type A ports alongside a Type-C and HDMI port. This is a good selection for it’s small size and they’re well laid out. The result is a small and attractive hub, very pocketable. The type C port supports USB PD for charging devices such as a macbook. The HDMI port supports 4K output as well. The ports don’t seem to support speeds above 10Gbps but that isn’t a major concern at this juncture.


The GN30H is the larger of the two hubs adding an additional type A port. Furthermore it adds a SD reader for both micro and standard size ports and a gigabit Ethernet jack. The additional ports come at a cost to size but maintain a sensible layout. The result is a small and attractive hub, very pocketable. The type C port supports USB PD for charging devices such as a macbook. The HDMI port supports 4K output as well. As with it’s smaller sibling the ports don’t seem to support speeds above 10Gbps.

Android testing

Android evaluation was done with an HTC10 running nougat. Both hubs did work with the phone, however the larger of the two did require additional power. Fortunately it’s  USB type C port will both power the hub and pass power through to the phone simultaneously. Overall this is actually a bad thing, I imagine that in most situations where you would leave such device connected to an Ethernet jack and HDMI desktop docs we’ve seen for Samsung DeX environment. The smaller of the two was very convenient to have on hand for working with flash drives as well as the occasional display.

PC testing

Both devices worked as intended when attached to a ThinkPad P50 mobile workstation. The mobile workstation was equipped with a thunderbolt three port as opposed to standard USB type-C port. The additional capabilities of thunderbolt three were left untapped as the hub to do not appear to be designed for 10GB/s operation. This is okay considering their price points. The P50 did not require additional power be provided unlike my smartphone.

Closing thoughts

Overall I’m quite pleased with both of these devices. Both offer an attractive combination premium design and flexibility. QacQoc has done and excellent job in designing them and I saw no flaws in their quality control. The GN22B is the cheaper of the two and available for 19.99 on amazon at the time of review for all except the pink version. The more capable GN30H carries a hefty premium at 59.99 not out of the question considering it’s capabilities but certainly higher than it’s smaller sibling. Anyone looking to expand capabilities of a type-C equipped device won’t be disappointed with these hubs.

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Daniel Smith is a full time IT administrator at a medium sized private business former FRC coach and technology enthusiast.

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