Syllable D9X headphone review

It has been a little longer than I would like since I covered some form of wireless headphones. With that said we have the new D9x from Syllable. Paul covered their products before has launched a new line of truly wireless headphones including some unique features that are going to appeal to a very specific set of users.

D9X Unboxing

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We have an excellently package set of headphones overall attractive in appearance. The case size is a bit larger than I’m used to seeing it’s much larger than designs like the skybuds that I’m so fond of. However that is a requirement to accommodate a new hot-swappable battery feature. These headphones have batteries that are rated for four hours each amounting to a total of eight hours of playtime. Longer is possible, it takes less than four hours to fully recharge a pair of batteries in their case. Conceptually I love this design however I can see some finish concerns regarding the fit of the batteries. The battery holds well however mine came loose laying down on a pillow with them in. I don’t think that this should be a problem for normal operation. I do wish that the battery case had been designed to also store the earbuds. With the requirement of an additional case this increases the total volume to the size of a small power bank . A carabiner is included to carry the earbuds on the belt loop however that shouldn’t be a requirement

Sound quality

Audibly the sound on these earbuds is good and better than expected. They sound better than some of the cheaper headsets we’ve covered such as sub $20 sport models. Although they don’t quite reach same tier as high-end models like skybuds. Not a bad place to be. Sound was well-balanced and clear in my experience. Volume was okay considering that these are any earbuds. Battery life came in a bit under the four hours promised which is unsurprising. I was typically listening close to the maximum volume not the 50% volume most manufactures seem to set at. I wasn’t able to knock the battery loose in normal wear. From a signal quality standpoint these earbuds both appear to pair directly to the phone and show up as a single device. This allowed me to remove an earbud and share audio with the second individual with no issue.

Closing thoughts

Overall for a generation one product I’m impressed. I believe that they have some adjustments to be made regarding the matgnet strength. However overall everything feels very well designed and manufactured. Bring that together I don’t think that they’re overpriced for their current state at $79.99 on Amazon for truly wireless earbuds. These are mid range truly wireless earbuds with a neat addition I’d like to see carried forward into a second generation.

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