Videos From CES2018!

Not content to tease us with just still photos paul managed to upload some videos to YouTube for us to share. Some of these I hope to see us get our hands on in the near future as well.

Merge cube

Paul got a chance to take a try at a nifty little device called Merge Cube. Already available as a shipping product this nifty cube lets you hold a “hologram” which is presented by a app on a phone or tablet. An Augemented reality experience like this has a lot of potential with some of the newer headsets as well.


Hypervsn (pronounced hyper vision I think…) was also on display demonstrating holographic displays and arrays at CES. Intended for advertising and signage these are a bit out of reach for consumers but very exciting still. I expect to see quite a few more of these showing up as public displays in the near future.

Vitus drone

Walkera was playing with it’s new Vitus drone in a giant birdcage at CES. This is an impressive drone sporting what from the specs I can guess is a sensor in the same family as the HTC10 and Pixel line phones with 4k capability and 12mp still photo(although no raw photo). With impressive obstacle avoidance capabilities including 5meter sensing forward and to both sides.

iPAL Smart Ai

No those aren’t demonic teletubies or Cybermen invaders. Those are the iPAL smart from AvatarMind on display again. The Japanese company is pitching these companion robots for both children and the elderly. They didn’t make much impact in 2017 here in the US and I’m not sure we’ll see that change in 2018.

Robots playing ping pong

If the previous robots weren’t threatening enough here’s one that can beat us at sports. Omron a Japanese electronics company put together an entire robotics marketplace for CES with this as their pinnacle attraction. Good luck trying to beat our new robot overlords at PingPong!

Magnet atari pong

Atari took their CES display to a more retro vibe with a clever variant of the classic pong. Physical pong using some magical magnetic wizardry is… interesting. I hope these tables make appearances elsewhere I’d love to give one a try.

TCL frame tv

A new take on TV’s TCL is trying to make the TV less intrusive than the typical living room centerpiece. Designed to look like a picture frame and blend with the decor it’s an interesting concept, and one they nearly pull off. There’s some slight indication in the video that it’s an LCD but people aren’t going to be able to see that typically with the naked eye. I like the idea but am concerned at the power usage and would love to see some statistics on that in the future.

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