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MyScript’s Nebo is an app that lets you go from writing with your stylus to written and formatted text in (close to) one shot.

If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s not writing with a pen, I’ll preface this review with that for most of my life there’s been a keyboard involved and then rather recently swiping keyboards enabled me to input text at a decent pace on my phones. I suck at writing.

I was introduced to a manual typewriter at six, a computer at 10, home schooled, and using a piece of graphite to scrawl markings on a paper never actually imprinted on me as a way to quickly get my thoughts out.

Add to that gripping a pen like they wanted me to actually hurt for most of those years. I probably haven’t written more than a sentence using a pen since 1996 in a coffee shop drafting out a quick website proposal.


So my handwriting sucks, and nearly all of my content I would write down anyway would have to be converted on a keyboard until MyScript Nebo popped up. I’m not exactly the target person for this software, but it’s actually got an amazing amount of potential for people who do enjoy writing and the PR people seem cool so I’m writing about it.

Nebo takes your handwriting writing, does an amazing job of translating even my scribbles (see video,) and then lets you do things with it such as recognize the words, cut and paste the text into an email, create bulleted lists, save word docs, or whatever you want to do with that text.


Very nice editing features allow you to scratch out words, add spacing or emphasis, and treat your handwriting as editable pieces of data that can be moved, wiped out, bullet pointed, etc.

The character recognition in it is admirable, and when it fails at recognizing on my handwriting it can pick up evidently by context clues what the word was supposed to be and correct the text version that’s being written, or you can go back and choose from several options.

I’m going to state very clearly this appears to be an amazing product for those who don’t write like they’re being pounded by a gorilla. My handwriting on a piece of paper is at best legible, on a tablet or using a stylus with no feedback pressure it goes way downhill. Add that I’ve got a series of side-swipe launcher options and this and me don’t work particularly well.

I think if you’re looking for a note taking app, and your handwriting is better than mine, you should check out MyScript Nebo. You can watch my video and see it doing an amazing job of being able to figure out what I’m writing up until near the end when I was just done with writing.

MyScript Nebo is available for a limited number of devices at the moment, the Galaxy Note 8 being one of them, and it’s something you should check out to see if it works for you. If not, grab a refund within 48 hours and remove it.

Grab it at Google Play

you can also pick it up on Apple’s App Store

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