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My family is made up of a bunch of Disney nuts. We’re passholders and DVC members. My kids have been going to Disney World since they were in the womb. My wife used to work at a Disney call center and my son currently works in one of the theme parks. We also happen to like Star Wars (well, not The Last Jedi). So the iPhone toting members of the family were pretty stoked to see that OtterBox manufactures officially licensed cases for both properties. The licensed cases are available directly from OtterBox or in Disney Parks for iPhone 7 and 8 series phones (coming soon for iPhone X).

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All of the licensed Disney and Star Wars OtterBox cases are from their Symmetry family. The Symmetry line is similar to the Commuter series we’ve featured before in that they are made up of two layers. There’s a rubbery inner layer that cushions your phone and a hard outer shell to add additional protection. Where the Symmetry cases differ is that the two layers are fused together and not applied separately.

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The Symmetry case also has an entirely flat and glossy back that is perfectly suited to the type of image-advertisement we see here. As far as fit goes, these cases fit the phone perfectly. There is no give or wiggle. The case never felt like it was going to fall off the phone. It’s pretty snug. The rubbery sides wrap around the front of the phone to provide the screen some protection against drops.

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The artwork is pretty sharp looking. The designs I received are flat style artwork though there are some movie-poster inspired Star Wars cases available. Overall the cases are high quality in both materials and look.


If you’ve used an OtterBox before you will be familiar with the build quality they offer. The cases are premium quality but come with a premium price. Spending in the neighborhood of $50 on a case isn’t something I would normally consider. If you are a big Disney or Star Wars fan you might be able to justify it, though. If you take the plunge you will be rewarded with a nice looking and high quality case that provides reasonable protection for your super-expensive pocket computer.

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