Spotted many times at CES – Holosonics Audio Spotlight

Holosonics audio spotlight

This is just something neat on the horizon – Imagine you’re in a crowd and suddenly you hear someone talking to you. You turn around to see who it is and the person behind you doesn’t have any clue what you’re looking around for.

“No Dave, over here. I’m talking to you.”

But still there’s nobody there. The sound is coming from a speaker several feet away that’s focused the sound right at your head and nobody else hears a damned thing.

This is a product I’ve seen a few times at CES, although never demoed in the pointing it at people and telling them that you’re god and to give Paul nachos sort of way, although that totally is a commercial idea for them.

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It’s a speaker, it delivers a narrow beam of audio, you’ve probably seen similar at museums with the transparent plastic cone, but Holosonics I’ve seen just looks like a black square. The demo is usually a couch, you sit on one side you’ve got audio A, the other side audio B, and get in the middle and there’s next to nothing you can hear.

If you ever get the chance, check them out. I envision this tech for narrow-beam alarm clock so you get woken in the morning and not your second shift significant other, portable video games so you’re not annoying everyone, and of course to convince people in a mall that you’re god and to give Paul nachos.

Last I checked they were not within consumer reach price wise, but it’s been a while.

What, I don’t have pictures of a fabric covered square? Imagine a fabric covered square. There you go.

Here’s the website. They’re currently producing mostly for OEM use at the moment. Hopefully the narrow-band alarm clock and video game speaker of my dreams will be around soon although probably under another brand name licensing the tech.

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