A pocket for your pocket! Yes I am writing about a bag. I love the Mpow USB Charging Case

What they Promise and what you get:
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Now that is Truth in Marketing!

tl;dr; For $15.99 just BUY IT! It solves a problem you knew you had and one you didn’t!

So I’ve had this “bag”/”case”/”pouch”/”pocket” for about two weeks now. And I love it. Would I gladly trade this for a Rev.2? Yes, but it is excellent as is!1

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It arrives in the Usual Mpow brown boxing
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Charge bag Here
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Charge headphones on microUSB

The stats aren’t that amazing, but that is partially what makes the product so great, it is exactly what it tells you it is, nothing less, and not much more.

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Box Contents

See, this is supposed to keep your headphones in one place and charged. You know what it does really well? KEEP HEADPHONES IN ONE PLACE AND CHARGED!

For $16 you’re only getting an 800mAh battery, but it’s the packaging and though of that battery setup that is the winner. Input and output are 5v/500mAh, just right for headphones, particularly the “dumb ones” with no charging logic. How do you know if the bag is charging or powering up your headphones?

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A simple single LED on the bottom: Blue: the bag is charging up. Red: the bag is charging your earbuds.

It’s that simple. And then we come to the other forte, keeping everything in one place. So many earbuds now come with super specific hear hooks, rubber trees for your ear canal, or slipcovers, that losing a tenth-of-cent piece of silicone means the headphones are effectively dead. You don’t have to worry about that if you plug your headphones into the bag, shove them into the nicely lined case, zip it shut, and shove it into a pocket, bag, backpack, or desk. That missing right ear hook will be in those few square inches of the pouch when you are waiting for your delayed bus or train! Not only that you’ll be able to drone out the moaning of people around you about how it’s always late (at some point, if it’s always late, it is just predictably late, sorry people) with powered up earbuds.

What would I like in Rev 2.0?

  1. Two microUSB charging cords feeding off the battery
  2. Faster charging of the case than 500mA
  3. A slightly larger battery, 800mA is great, but if you do 1&2, a 1200mAh battery would make this thing just about perfect.

So there you have it, I am in love with a bag, a pouch, a “pocket” if-you-will. When this came out a few months ago I thought it was silly, now that I am losing earbud silicones, and need headphones that are charged at random times, I am very happy to have bought these two weeks ago.

For $15.99 the Mpow USB Charging Case for Bluetooth Headphones gives you peace of mind in two ways, your headphones will be charged, and all the pits you need to make the loud talker next to you seemingly disappear will be at hand in the red-lined slick-black case.

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