Accessory maker Olala announces deals for Womens day.

Olala who we’ve looked at products from before in the way of power banks and storage devices sent us a tip on some of their devices being discounted for Women’s day. The promotion runs through march 12th.

610UiK15ALL. SL1200 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereFirst up is a presumably fashionable power bank weighing in at 7500mah with a list price of 33.99 it’s already attractive thanks to it’s flexibility with multiple charging methods for devices and the bank itself. It’s down to 27.19 with the code 7UVD6M4Y on amazon.







51UFhadKTgL. SL1000 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereAlso included in their deals are a set of Bluetooth earbuds. These are sport focused with an IPX4 rating for sweat as well as a bevy of other features including noise cancelling.  At 31.99 these already looked attractive but with the code QBMXQO8Z these come down 25.59 to on amazon, an even more tempting price.

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Daniel Smith is a full time IT administrator at a medium sized private business former FRC coach and technology enthusiast.

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2 thoughts on “Accessory maker Olala announces deals for Womens day.

  • So, they’re charging 79 cents on the dollar for Women’s day…

    slow clap

    • Paul I had to go the whole article without making a joke about that, they’re also putting the “fashionable iphone” powerbank as their one on sale because women.


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