Best Buy drops deal with Huawei

Huawei Mate 10 ProIt’s not been a particularly good year for Huawei in the United States as several US government agencies warned consumers and carriers to not trust them, they came out with a good piece of hardware and a meh operating system, Google wouldn’t let Wallet/Pay/Android Pay/Google Pay/whatever it’s called this week work with the device, and generally things were stacked against them,

Now Best Buy has been added to the list of problems for Huawei.

If you’re not familiar with Huawei’s lines of products that’s kind of sad. They do things amazingly well, and I remember seeing them at CES a couple of years back with the first phone that could charge another phone. The devices are sleek, compact, and have software that looks like it was pieced together by someone who liked portions of this that and that Android version.

Good devices, but with the NSA, CIA, and your grandfather saying to not trust them they’re fighting an uphill battle and losing rather quickly as they attempt to get into the US markets.

Is this unfair? Maybe. Hard to say where the US Govt anti-China bias ends and any actual threats begin because that’s not disclosed to us. That Mate 10 Pro could have been a sweet enticing phone had the price point been more in the loss leader position.

I really did like the Mate 10 Pro. It had potential. I told the PR people when I sent it back and they asked about it that I really felt like about two hours of someone sitting down at the thing would take care of some of the visual inconsistencies and a couple of wording problems and polish the hell out of that phone.

But, once again, I don’t think Huawei’s going to be able to get much of a foot in the US’s door for another few years. Maybe when 5G rolls out and there’re some more secure backing network infrastructure in place the US might back off of those statements.

Or not.

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