Ever wanted to give Super Mario Run a go?

Super Mario RunWhile it’s not Mario day any longer (Mar 10) the half off sale on Super Mario Run should still be in effect for another few days (ends March 25th,) making the game a more reasonable $5ish.

It’s evident from the pricing that Nintendo doesn’t quite get mobile pricing strategies, or perhaps they don’t care and are hoping a higher priced higher quality runner game will entice the right people. Who knows.

On a side note, I received this game in exchange for cash. Yes, I bought the damned thing and have been playing it about four months at this point.

Gameplay is either simple or frustrating, you can download the game for free and play a few levels but there’s a one-time purchase required to unlock the majority of the game. No purchases after that. I fell for the game, I used my Google Rewards Millions and went on a bender and bought it.

Rather than telling you I think it’s cool, or I guess in addition to it, here’re two videos I recorded. One has sound, one has some cheezo ambient track because I had to kill the sound as I was sitting in a pediatrician’s office and all you can hear is someone talking about their kid’s rando diaper rash for six minutes.

Turn the volume down, sit back, and watch a video or two of me playing as well as I can.

Super Mario Run is free, with an in-app purchase of somewhere between $4.99 and $9.99 USD to unlock it.

Download: Google Play | App Store

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