João Dias takes over Tasker Development!

tasker 5.0 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereUnfortunately, due to poor health Pent announced that he is stepping down for now as Tasker dev. We are all wishing him all the best and speedy recovery.

Fortunately for us, our dear João Dias, the dev behind the AutoApps is taking over the Tasker. This is a big news as Joao has always been super responsive. After years of slow progress with Tasker – the app might finally pick up the momentum it once had.

This is the official statement:

Hi folks,

great news for you this evening!

After hanging on a bit too long, I finally decided I was not in good
enough shape to maintain Tasker anymore. The last couple of years, updates
have been too seldom, nagging bugs not fixed, new OS features integrated
too slowly or not at all. As a conscientious person, I find it very
stressful to let people down like that.

I'm therefore very (very) happy to announce that over the coming months
João Dias will be taking over Tasker. João will introduce himself below.

Transfer of the app to its new Play Store account is already achieved,
Website, development and support will follow over the coming days.
Please bear with us if there are glitches due to the transfer.

I will still be maintaining App Factory for a period, but the plan is
that eventually João takes over that too. Most of the work to create
a child app is in any case performed by Tasker.

I hope that João can put the same energy into Tasker as I was able
to in the early days. I'm sure he has a lot of plans he will reveal
to you in time.

You may still see me around a bit during the transfer period as I
try to help João absorb this complicated app. If not: a big, big thank
you to everyone who has been involved over the last 8 years,
especially the stalwarts in the forum. Rich D deserves a special
mention here.

Please stick with it a little longer: things can only get better!


p.s. I am not at liberty to give more details about the agreement I
have reached with João, please don't ask me about that.


I’m sure we going to see even tighter integration between the AutoApps and Tasker, leading to some new functionalities.

Congratulations to João Dias! And big thanks to Pent for the work he put into the Tasker. It probably felt hard to let go such a loved by the community project!


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