MeGa Fast Wireless Charger Charging Pad Stand review

MeGa Fast Wireless Charger Charging Pad Stand reviewI’ll be covering a few chargers this week assuming nothing goes wrong, and to start with we’ve got the MeGa Fast Wireless Charger Charging Pad Stand.

The main claim to fame with this device is it’ll reach 9V/1.1A charging rates (or if you want to think in highly inaccurate 5V terms somewhere in the neighborhood of +1700mA wirelessly). It’s got vents and a fan to keep your phone cool and it charges as fast as anything I’ve played with in the wireless realms.

It keeps your phone cool so your battery doesn’t go nuclear under a fast charge, and generally in concept it’s pretty neat.

Paul finds fault with everything

This charger doesn’t like my case. I have two other wireless chargers I’m using that have no issue with it, but I can’t get even a slow charge started with the case on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Works great without the thick case, but this sort of defeats the purpose for me as my wireless needs are not having cables and just being able to plop a phone down.

The case I’m currently using is this one. The thick one, not the other one. And as stated I have two other wireless chargers that work with it, I’d hope that this would at least slow charge through the case as everything else does. But no. That said, I have a nice cool phone when it’s charged.

MeGa Fast Wireless Charger Charging Pad Stand reviewThe fan is probably not a noticeable noise unless like me you slapped that thing right next to your head so you could charge on a nightstand. It’s a noise. I didn’t sleep well last night and I’m wondering if that noise might be the case. Just remembered you can turn the fan off if you want to.

I’m also happy to know the thing is working, but it’s a rather large light which contributes to feeling like I’ve passed out in a data center.

And finally it doesn’t come with a power supply. This is just the pad and USB cable.

That said…

Coming in at $17.69 currently on Amazon it’s a nice little unit that will get most out of having to deal with locating their charger port and dealing with having your wireless phone tethered to the wall in the event of a call.

It also works in portrait and landscape modes allowing you to charge and watch a movie while forced air cooling your phone.

It’s pretty neat for an inexpensive wireless charger.

Grab it at Amazon

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