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SunFounder 37 Modules Sensor Kit V2.0 for Raspberry Pi 3, 2, Zero & RPi 1 Model B+, A+ 40Pin GPIO Extension Board Jump wires $59.39 After Coupon [DH9X93GL] from Amazon

1x Double Color LED1x Potentiometer1x 1602 I2C
1x RGBLED1x Analog Hall Sensor1x Barometer-BMP280
1x Auto-Flash LED1x Hall Switch1x MPU6050
1x Relay module1x Analog Temperature Sensor1x RTC-DS1302
1x Laser Emitter1x Thermistor1x Tracking Sensor
1x Button1x Sound Sensor1x Breadboard
1x Tilt Switch1x Photoresistor1x GPIO Extension Board
1x Vibration Switch1x Flame Sensor1x 40-pin Ribbon Cable for GPIO Board
1x IR Receiver1x Gas Sensor2x Pin Anti-Reverse Cable
1x Active Buzzer1x Remote Control5x Pin Anti-Reverse Cable
1x Passive Buzzer1x Touch Switch5x Pin Anti-Reverse Cable
1x Reed switch1x HC-SR045x Pin Anti-Reverse Cable
1x Photo-interrupt1x Temperature Sensor-DS18B201x pin ribbon cable
1x AD/DAConvert-PCF85911x Rotary Encode20x Jumper wires (Male to Female)
1x RainDrop Sensor1x Humiture Sensor10x Jumper wires (Male to Male)
1x Joystick PS21x IR Obstacle1x User Manual


If you’re lucky enough to be near a Microcenter, there are two great deals for $3.14 each:

Raspberry Pi Zero v1.3 Development Board – Camera Ready

Google AIY Voice Kit

Voice HAT Accessory Board5-wire Daughter Board Cable
Voice HAT Microphone BoardExternal Cardboard Box
2 x Plastic StandoffsInternal Carboard Frame
3″ SpeakerLamp
Arcade-style Push ButtonLamp Holder
4-wire Button CableMicro-switch
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