Subsurface Circular Now Available on Nintendo Switch

Subsurface Circular is a text-based robot mystery that came out on the PC about six months ago and has just made its way to the Nintendo Switch as of March 2018. Oh yeah, I got a Switch, that’s another story though.

Subsurface Circular

It’s been the most frustratingly interesting games I’ve run across on the Switch, although your frustration level can probably be changed by changing the text speed displayed. Also frustrating because you’re locked in a chair the entire game and can only interview the Tek (robot) passengers as they get on and off the subway.

You’re not going anywhere, you’re not leaving your seat, and some of the passengers have to be coaxed out of information which involves figuring out what they want and hoping someone else without shouting distance has it.

During the coaxing you’re learning what’s happening in the world, trying to solve the disappearances of multiple tech, and did I mention you’re not getting out of your seat at any time or doing anything with the controllers other than selecting text?

You’ll need to remember what you’re reading, put the pieces together, check out the subway map occasionally, and solve the mystery of what’s actually happening with the humans and disappearing Teks.

Subsurface Circular

While the graphics are significantly better, this reminds me of the joy/frustration/intensity I had playing Bedlam on the TRS-80 CoCo 2 way back in the day, although a little less backstabbing and 100% less PLUGH involved.

If you like text based detective immobile robot adventures, you’re freaking so in luck right now.

You can download it for the Nintendo Switch now for $5.99

Or grab it on Steam for not-the-Switch

It should be noted Paul has not demolished the game yet due to owning tiny humans and spending this last week attempting to get one of them in a new school, the other to stop self-cannibalizing her finger, and the attempts to get Pocketables purchased.

It’s a seven chapter game from what I can find, so not a huge time investment.

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