This Medical Gadget Is Helping to Change the Healthcare Industry

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Our tech-centric culture has made it easier for people to get details about symptoms they’re experiencing by researching websites like WebMD.

However, those resources generally provide a very incomplete picture, since they can’t see less-visually-obvious signs of a possible illness. The Refit Cam-Medi from Solmitech is helping to change that by enabling users to look inside their ears.

Save Images or Videos, Connect with Your iPhone in Seconds

This device is a mobile otoscope that costs $280.00 and brightens up the captured images with an LED light. People can also zoom in and out while viewing snapshots, helping them peer more closely at sections of a picture. Saving a video or still image is simple and involves pressing one button to retain the data.

Linking this medical gadget to an iPhone involves using a cable, which is available separately for $25.00. After connecting the smartphone to your Refit Cam-Medi and downloading the corresponding iOS app (also available for Android), you then see the captured images on the smartphone screen.

Become More Aware of Your Overall Well-Being

One of the most substantial collective advantages of today’s gadgets and apps for health-conscious people is that they can potentially help you spot health concerns between annual checkups and check yourself against known benchmarks.

For example, with the Refit Cam-Medi, it’s possible to look at pictures of a healthy ear. After that, you could compare how your body part looks and determine whether things are not as they should be. For example, some ear problems include discharge, and a look inside could determine what’s causing it.

Also, the Refit Cam-Medi can assist you in finding out if there’s too much earwax buildup. If your ears get too full of wax, infections can happen, along with trouble hearing.

A growing number of products collect other data points over time about things such as your heart rate and sleep patterns. If you only get details about your health during a once-a-year trip to the doctor’s office, it could be a problem — one that smart gadgets are helping solve.

For example, there’s the MAP Health Watch that monitors your blood pressure, the electrical activity of your heart and the varying times between heartbeats. Together, that information could indicate if you’re experiencing some of the first signs of a problem, such as a heart attack or arrhythmia.

You’re probably familiar with how many smartwatches have optical heart rate sensors and evaluate your performance over time. By activating the features that turn a smartwatch into a fitness tracker or using an app such as Apple Health, you can start noticing how your abilities change over time.

Whether using the Refit Cam-Medi or a smartwatch, you now have the tools to potentially pick up on things about your body you’d not otherwise notice. A difference from the norm doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a severe problem, but it could at least encourage you to get advice from a physician by scheduling an appointment.

There’s a beneficial feature associated with the Refit Cam-Medi that allows you to send images via text messages or email. Then, if you have a friend who’s a doctor or your physician is willing to take a look before seeing you in person, the images you send could help clarify things that are difficult or impossible to describe through words alone.

If a large number of people start using Refit Cam-Medi to learn more about their bodies, the future of healthcare could be even more proactive than it is now.

Apple’s Move into the Healthcare Sector

The Refit Cam-Medi is an example of a third-party gadget that works with the iOS operating system. However, Apple itself is also showing signs of becoming more prominent in the health field. First, the Apple Health app mentioned above compiles data about your well-being from various sources to keep you informed.

It breaks down the insights into four categories, then recommends apps to deliver even more data to keep you on the path to wellness. However, the Health app is not the only indicator that Apple is getting more concerned about its role in keeping people as healthy as possible.

The company announced it’d open clinics under the name AC Wellness starting this spring to give its employees and their family members places to go when they’re not feeling well.

In addition to providing those people with the treatments they need, the facilities will reportedly serve as testing grounds for new health-related offerings from Apple that could someday make it into the mainstream.

The Refit Cam-Medi and gadgets like it are helping people become more empowered when making healthcare-related decisions. By using tools that equip you to get more knowledge about how your body looks and works, it could become easier to stay healthy.

Image: Omnia Global Medical Directory

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