BESTEK more odd power strips for niche uses

It seems like just yesterday we were looking at power distribution products from Bestek. They’re back again today with a pair of unique power strips. Neither one of these is anything resembling the form factors we’ve come to know and love. However their uniqueness appears to give them an edge in quite a few scenarios.

Unboxing and first impressions

Just as before the  power strips are both packaged in a well labeled but simple box. The labels on these boxes disclose most relevant product information.  The smaller of the two is cube like and by far more versatile thanks to it’s size. It’s equipped with a snap on base that can be secured to a wall or the side of a desk this strip easily fits in many places where a conventional strip would be in the way. Joining its selection of standard hundred and 10 US outlets is a complement of three USB type A and one USB type C. The addition of a type C port is a welcome sight as more devices implement this as their charging standard. The USB ports are rated for blank amps which is broken up as such there is a power button on the one side which controls blank and is illuminated when active

The second unit takes a far stranger form factor. With a circular shape providing even spaces between all of the outlets this particular strip design allows for instillation of multiple transformers without interfering with the other ports. As far as USB output is concerned there is a much more limited selection of two USB type A ports. The reset switch for this particular power strip is conveniently located on the top. As well the design provides for a cover. This will prevent accidental switching should this strip be located anywhere near foot level.

Power Strip Testing and use

Rated for 25W total USB outpout the cube is more than competent for duties at a nightstand or similar. I would have preferred a higher rating at it’s combined ports could deliver 50W total although this may be too much for it’s small stature. The small power strip had no issues handling multiple power banks when I pushed it to it’s limit. The 3 outlets afforded by it’s small design also proved sufficient for desks and nightstands although not entertainment centers. Bestek clearly had a different focus with the other unit which was easily at home inside an entertainment center with disk players and consoles. It’s usb ports were a bit more awkward to use due to their location. However permanent fixtures like a chromecast or controller charging cord shouldn’t have any issue with that. As with the smaller unit I had no issue pushing the USB to it’s unfortunately lower 12W peak. During that I didn’t see any surprises on my USB meter as well. Both units when pushed past their limits(using space heaters for excessive load) tripped their safeties as intended with no damage to them or tripping the 20AMP breaker they were on.

Final Thoughts

Bestek set out to make some unique power strips and more than succeed. The small cube strip is nearly irreplaceable for a nightstand. The larger unit is harder to recommend unless you have a need for multiple large AC adapters. Both power strips are available on amazon and considering the cubes utility I may have to grab a few more myself.


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