Google to rebrand and rename product everyone knows the name of

Windows 8

TL;DR Google Play Music is being replaced by YouTube Remix, a new platform people will be shuffled over to.

Droid Life has a good writeup on it here I don’t have much to add to.

Whether Remix will be pushed into the same package name like Android Market was when it rebranded to Google Play, or will be installed alongside remains to be seen. That package name was, and I thought that Google Vending sounded significantly better as a descriptor and as a curse than Google Play.

Google’s done a good job, sorry, I mean Alphabet’s done a good job of not keeping the names of products the same and fragmenting and defragging related products such as Android Pay, Pay With Google, Google Pay, Google Pay Send, Google Wallet. My local Target still has a little sign up calling Google Pay “Android Wallet” which wasn’t even a product as far as I can tell.

Play Music at least sounded like it worked. YouTube Remix sounds like I’m going to strip an audio channel off of a video. I mean isn’t “remix” sort of played out as a suffix since Orbitz Strawberry Remix? Wasn’t the 90’s the last time that was cool? ‘Member the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Somehow I just imagine sitting in my front lawn in my Jamz, feet in a kiddy pool, yelling at the kids to get off my lawn with their YouTube Remix, Airheads EXTREME, Pogs, and Devil’s Lettuce.

Ah well, like I can talk as I’m headed to the totally 90’s night at the local science center tomorrow.

Whether YouTube Red, YouTube Kids, YouTube, YouTube Gaming, YouTube Music, YouTube Studio, YouTube TV, YouTube VR will all be rebranded or if this is entirely Google Play Music getting a name change is not known yet, although I fully expect we are entering an era where there will be YouTube Red Remix, YouTube Remix Kids, YouTube Remix Gaming, etc.

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