Let us know if anything looks strange / update

Hey all, since the purchase and move I’ve been working at beating the crap out of bugs that have been unaddressed over the past five years. I could use your help.

Please let me know if you see anything funky with the site such as if you’re seeing the mobile theme on a desktop, or can’t see the mobile theme on mobile, or something strange pops up.

For reference, the mobile theme looks like this:

Pocketables notifications

And the standard theme looks like this

Pocketables standard theme

And a quick update on things:

Ads: Using Google adsense, have set the ads to automatic and pulled the slider down to where I expect it will pay for the site in five years.

Disqus ads in comments and after posts – I’m attempting to minimize as they’re about 50% garbage. Disqus, however, feels that a free account is worth spamming the hell out of people these days. I’m trying changing some settings as it appears since we signed up for a Reveal account I may have some control.

As this is the first time in the history of Pocketables I’m in control of the ads, seriously, let me know what you think.

Tracking codes – There were sixty craptons of tracking code laid in here since the site switched to WordPress and was bought out by Crowdgather (or vice versa,) I believe I’ve got everything removed except the CG analytic account.

Transparency report – figured this might be fun to do, or depressing, one or the other. Coming soon, maybe. Hoping to get some stats I can trust before I put finger to keys.

Social media – I think we have control of everything except the old YouTube channel and the Google+ account. Not particularly a concern. Facebook is currently controlled by Paul (and the WordPress FB promo thing,) and Twitter is most of the editors.

The look of the site – I’ve stripped out most of the exceedingly old stuff, will start building up again soon.

Content – working on it

Question – would you rather see advertisements on the site or support the site with some monetary donation?

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Paul E King

Paul King started with GoodAndEVO in 2011, which merged with Pocketables, and as of 2018 he's evidently the owner. He lives in Nashville, works at a film production company, is married with two kids. Facebook | Twitter | Donate | More posts by Paul | Subscribe to Paul's posts

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8 thoughts on “Let us know if anything looks strange / update

  • I’m happy because the RSS feed is working fine and when I see the news items the images in them render just fine.

    I replaced Google Reader using a linux tool called rss2email, which reads each feed and takes each rss posting and sends it as an email. I then use Google Mail filters to tag each feed and put it in a separate folder called, e.g. RSS-pocketables.
    And voila, cross-device RSS sync. Nearly as good as G Reader.

    • Just noticed we have around 1032 people with RSS in the last day. Had no idea that audience existed. Really bizarre getting all the stats on this site (I had relatively limited views up until last month).

      Yeah, the only thing I’d worry about on the breaking of RSS was when we when to HTTPS, I sort of wonder if RSS is being served the HTTPS or if it’s getting the HTTP and then the server is additionally redirecting to the HTTPS.

      • BTW, I use statuscake for monitoring, the basic tier is free and very good.
        I also use datadog for server internals monitoring, you only get one server free, but that might be enough.

        • The issues we’re facing trying to figure out what is actually going on reader-wise. We’ve got instant notifications if the site goes down. I’ve got notifications if the site gets slow.

          I’ve got Cloudflare claiming 6000 people I can’t account for exist and are visiting the site daily, I’ve got a tracker that’s saying the cloudflare numbers are short. WordPress stats saying about a third of Cloudflare, Google Analytics saying another number entirely. RSS2 stats minus known searchbots not even tracking on the same path.

          All these analytics and a caching system the causes some people to not count and I’m guessing Adblock also stops people from counting on Analytics.

          Fun times.

  • Over the last few days, My Pocketables tab in Chrome on my pc hasn’t stopped “loading” it looks on the browser tab as if it has a spinning circle of death but when I go to the tab, everything seems to be looking and functioning fine. Just that 1 tab with the spinning circle out of 20+ tabs that I keep open..

    • I’ll check it out. We saw one of our plugins that connects to an outside site their web server was having issues intermittently but thought it was resolved.

      If you happen to see what it says waiting on let me know. I’ll check when I’m back at a computer and see I can catch it.

      Also let me know if you have an ad blocker or tracking protection I’ll see if I can replicate it/find a workaround.

      • I am running adblock plus in chrome.. I’m unsure how to tell what isn’t finishing loading.. everything looks fine to me.

        • It appears to be adblock doing it – when it’s on I have infinity loading as well. I’ll see if I can figure that out – it’s just one line of Google ad code in one location, so guessing it’ll end up being something with the minifying script, caching, demons, etc.

          I’ll get onto that most likely Monday.


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