Reader survey: what streaming provider do you use / how is it?

Cutting the cordI’ve been very slowly nibbling away at the cord with plans of cutting it for a while. These things take time when you’re a parent and have kids who want to do/watch things. A few days ago I ditched Comcast and have supposedly reliable fiber internet now through AT&T U-Verse.

And now I’m ready to ditch AT&T’s other product – DirectTV. Yes, I know this will make my $70 internet bill go to $80, but my satellite bill is now $90 on its own. Add to that price, the picture’s pretty bad even with full signal, and 1080P is only available on my box streaming a few items.

Here’s a survey, I’d appreciate if you can answer in the comments.

  • What streaming service do you use?
  • Local channels available?
  • Have you had any problem with billing?
  • Have you had any problems with outages?
  • Does it support live TV, DVR, how many TVs can stream at once?
  • Frame rate, maximum resolution, audio capabilities?
  • Separate accounts for people in the household or just one (for DVR)
  • Maximum effective bandwidth used?
  • Any gripes about said service?
  • Used any other services? Issues with them?
  • Does it work with Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, etc?
  • Does it have any channels you’re missing you can’t replace easily, or how did you replace said channel?

I’m hoping to get answers from people who have used a couple, can recognize low framerates and dropped packets, low resolution and sync issues, and have a setup with more than L/R speakers, can tell the difference between 480i and 4K.

What I’m finding when I look is nobody advertises the max frame rates, mentions the upper capabilities of the audio/video (EG: 1080P vs 720i, stereo vs 5.1 vs 7.1 etc.) or provides statistics on uptime, network interruptions, or how many people hate their billing department with a passion.


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