Your Sprint/T-Mobile shipping fanfic may come true

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Will they or won’t they? That’s been the question ever since a very respected network with a bit of a flair and magenta in its hair met the steadfastly business-oriented network that had several amazing ideas and products it let rot in the fields. Will Sprint and T-Mobile finally make the network we’ve been writing about in our set-to-private blog posts?


The deal was previously kept from fruition in 2014 when regulatory concerns kept these two twin quasars of the cell phone industry quarreling just a little too much in public. Now that regulations against monopolies are less rigorously enforced, chances are pretty good the deed will get done.

It’ll be interesting what happens when these two companies stop fighting and with the combined tower and net reach of both unite. Some private tower operators are likely to suddenly find they’re no longer needed now that Sprint can jump on T-Mobile’s poles and vice versa. There’s a handy list in case you’re into short selling stock.

What the big question is I guess is are Sprint customers going be watching Jessica Jones en masse, or is it going to be the Handmaid’s Tale for the T-Mobile crowd? Maybe a bit of both?

It would be interesting if we can see a direction for the future in which CDMA is completely phased out under John Legere and can just be forgotten about finally.

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