YouTube shooter angry about money/censorship

YouTube logoNPR has a very long and detailed write up about the youTube shooter yesterday which you should read.

The short version of the shooting at YouTube headquarters yesterday was a woman was angry that her workout videos had been age restricted and pretty much all of her content de-monetized.

As a totally sensible response she decided to get a gun and start shooting at random people at YouTube headquarters leaving one man in critical condition and two women in serious and fair conditions. She then turned the gun on herself and ended it.

Youtube shooter Nasime SabzThis was her homepage.

All the videos with her in them seem to have been yanked. On her page she complains that 366,000 views in a month (5,127 hours of video,) earned her $0.10. To contrast, low watched non targeted content like I produce, 3200 hours of viewing time I got about $112 over the course of a year.

So from what I can guess considering the watch time her income from YouTube videos probably went from a several hundred a month to ten cents.

As of writing all of her YouTube channels display a message saying the account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.

Youtube shooter Nasime SabzA few days back she had been reported as missing by her family and was found sleeping in her car by the police. After answering some questions they decided she wasn’t in danger.

Her homepage included links to her Farsi, Turkish, Hand art, and English channels as well as Persian vegan music videos, the dangers of anal sex, animals being skinned alive or boiled as people laugh, veganism, and several other YouTuber videos complaining about de-monetization that probably want no association with her.

This should serve as a reminder whenever your kids (or you,) are watching YouTube, that sometimes these are the people that are speaking to them. She’s dead and may have killed a man for a YouTube revenue stream.

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