CANDI wireless charger by WITTI designs

WITTI CANDI Qi wireless chargerThe CANDI is a colorful (or not, you have options,) 10W fast wireless Qi charging plate that lets you charge most phones in either portrait or landscape mode for continued use.

It’s got a USB-C jack in the back which makes it the first type C charger I’ve run across. I find nothing particularly useful about it being a type C over a Micro USB, however it’s something I thought I’d mention.

The CANDI is by WITTI, makers of the BEDDI, a clock/radio/bluetooth speaker/lamp we reviewed a while back that still wakes me up most mornings. You might catch they’re sort of the reverse i-naming convention.

One of the features I like about this is that it charges through my thick Urban Armor Gear case, and it charges fairly quickly. Points there. I’m not entirely sure on the dropped efficiency with thicker cases because my higher-end charger has given up the ghost and I’m pushing a simple 2.0A 5V line.

WITTI CANDI Qi wireless chargerWITTI CANDI Qi wireless chargerWITTI CANDI Qi wireless chargerCANDI wireless charger

The part where Paul complains about the CANDI

WITTI CANDI Qi wireless chargerUp until this point we’re at my only negatives about it are I’m not particularly fond of the design. It works, it’s a little thicker than most, meh, no big. Until you turn out the lights.

Now I’m not a huge fan of indicator lights, but in most cases a very small piece of tape will cover up any annoyances I have. Unfortunately with the CANDI, at least in the pink color I got, there’s a fairly significant and inconsistently shaped light bleed on the right side of the charger.

Picture here doesn’t quite do justice, but it’s a little night light. I don’t want a night light. I imagine the black version of the CANDI probably doesn’t suffer from this, but I’m testing pink.

The CANDI, overall

Charges well, price is decent, charges through thick cases, does not include an adapter but does include a USB-A to C cable. No major complaints other than I don’t think I’d have a pink or blue one in a room I sleep in because I don’t need more light.

The CANDI is available in three colors (pink, black, blue,) from Amazon for about $25. You can also pick one up at WITTI Designs.


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