CHOETECH Qi Fast Wireless Charging Stand review

CHOETECH Fast Qi Wireless Charging StandWe have a lot of CHOETECH product in for review, and today I’m getting the CHOETECH T522-S 10W Qi Fast Wireless Charging Stand off the bench after a week of testing.

Yes, I’ve been doing a lot of wireless charger testing this week, why do you ask?

Quick rundown: 10W charger cradle, vent on the back, AC adapter not included but everything else is. Vents and a fan help cool the device and shorten charge times meaning you’re going to pick up a pretty quickly charged cool to the touch device.

They claim the fan is noise free. This one is getting tested at work so I can’t verify it (there are 14 or more fans running in here,) but I didn’t know it had a fan in the thing until I put my hand behind it.

Charging seems on par with anything else these days. So nothing to write home about this year, although last year it would have ruled the school.

Interestingly refused to work with one of my third party QQC3.0 chargers in the least. Not that it claims it will.

The part where Paul complains

The range on this is slightly shorter than the range on say the last wireless charger I reviewed. Works absolutely perfectly sans case, and works fine with a case I don’t like, tends to not work particularly consistently with my thick-ass Urban Armor Gear case.

CHOETECH Fast Qi Wireless Charging StandCHOETECH Fast Qi Wireless Charging StandCHOETECH Fast Qi Wireless Charging StandCHOETECH Fast Qi Wireless Charging Stand

I wish the phone ledge they’ve got was just a little wider as I managed to drop a phone half an inch.

Um, that’s the complaint section. Really nothing remarkably annoying about this product.

The CHOETECH Wireless Charging Stand overall

It works, looks a little like a black iron, and is priced pretty reasonably. You will need a charger that’s capable of pushing the wattage and voltage it wants so make sure you’re not expecting to plug this into a USB port on your computer and it charge away.

The CHOETECH Qi Fast Wireless Charging Stand is available from Amazon for $22.99 as of this writing. Or grab it on CHOETECH’s site.

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