Dodocool 10W Fast Wireless Car Charging Dock

Dodocool 10W Fast Wireless Car Charging DockIn what I believe to be my last in the review pile of wireless Qi charging goodies, we have the Dodocool 10W Fast Wireless Car Charging Dock. If features many ways to place the mounting equipment such as suction cup to the dashboard, window, a desk mount setup, or a vent mounting option as well.

The big draw of this is that you can drop your phone in, get it charging, and still have it accessible for whatever mapping or ride-sharing software you’re using. Personally I would use it for Google maps, but I think something like that would be a Lyft or Uber driver’s dream charger.

In the attached video we had to window mount it for demonstration as the dashboard of the vehicle it’s in was incapable of adhering reliably to.

Dodocool 10W Fast Wireless Car Charging DockThe neat thing about this is that your phone can be effectively dropped into the thing and it grabs it making sure your wireless charging happens and your phone isn’t bouncing around the cabin of your car.

You will need a powerful power adapter to get it up to speed, so make sure you have something capable on the backend of delivering the required amps for whatever your target is.

The one complaint I have about this is it doesn’t function with a Galaxy Note 8 with a thick case on it. Worked fine with my friend’s iPhone 8 in and out of his case, but mine’s a beast.

The Fast Wireless Car Charging Dock lets you adjust the bottom  up or down a bit if your phone isn’t hitting that sweet charging spot, so in most cases this will work. Worked fine with my phone outside of a case, and fine with my friend’s iPhone in the case.

Dodocool 10W Fast Wireless Car Charging Dock
Vent clip seems to easily attach to everything I had access to

Should be noted that in most cases having anything between you and the windshield of a car that obstructs a view through the windshield can get you a ticket although that’s rarely enforced. your municipality may vary however. Basically beware of where you mount it.

On a related note, after seeing the price of this I feel it’s slightly overpriced for not including a car fast charging adapter.

On an unrelated note, I’m finding that all my my unboxing photos of the thing from a couple of weeks ago have somehow disappeared. Sorry for the lack of glamor shots.

The Dodocool 10W Fast Wireless Car Charging Dock is currently available on Amazon for $26.99

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