Dodocool universal 360 degree magnetic car mount overview

Dodocool car mountEvery now and then comes a product that I look at and thing “wicked cool.” This was the case with the Dodocool magnetic mount car holder.

This isn’t a review as I am not able to actually put it to proper use for reasons outlined below.

The concept is simple, a hitch base you position where you want it in your car, adhere the hitch via some included 3M adhesive, and then you slap a magnetic pivot dish on top of that. That dish then magnetically attracts either your phone (slightly in my case) or the included magnetic discs that you can either put in your case, or on your case. On the case is wickedly strong, in the case will prevent it from some sliding.

For my phone’s weight (the Galaxy Note 8,) it would require external case adhesion of one of the included magnetic discs. My phone’s just too heavy for the magnet to hold it safely from inside. For me, my main case is not getting glue on it with a round metal plate with Dodocool etched on it. Maybe if I had a driving case that would be a different story. If I can get my TPU case back I’ll modify it as a driving case and see how this goes.

If you’re willing to modify a case or slap a disc on your naked phone, there’s not much I have against this. The magnet is strong, the look is nice, and if I could just get it to function without gluing up my case it’d be in use right now.

Dodocool car mount

There’s also that I’m not entirely sure Qi charging would work if a steel plate is in the way.

Overall though, if you’re willing to go for the glue option, the magnetic force is strong enough you’ll have to be in a wreck or serious jostling to dislodge the phone, or even reposition it.

You can grab a Dodocool Car Mount at Amazon for about $13.

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