Google Assistant to become slightly less frustrating

Toast Made custom photo etching Google Home wrapGoogle’s rolling out a lot of new features to Google Assistant, here’s a few they’re listing.

New voices

There are six new voices starting today, according to Google’s blog. I’m only seeing the male and female voices at the moment so I’m betting this is rolling out. To see the two voices you can open up Google search bar, tap the G, hit the hamburger menu, choose settings, go to settings, preferences, assistant voice. Alternately open assistant and ask it to change its voice.

That said, it’s only one male and one female voice right now.

Continued conversation

Because saying “hey Google” gets tiring, they’re going to listen longer, probably picking up your kids in the background saying “you are a do do butt”.

Stringing together multiple requests

Their example is “what’s the weather like in Austin and New York”.

Pretty Please

2018 “Kids, better ask nicely.”

later this year we’ll introduce Pretty Please, so that the Assistant can understand and encourage polite conversation.

2020 “Pretty Please google will you spare my life?”

Smart Displays

More hardware.

Google Maps

Google Maps to get Assistant integration allowing you to text your wife “beef heart the junk store do you need any ketchup” or whatever Google Assistant mistranslates for you in the car.

Robocalls from Google Assistant

Tired of using your phone for a phone? Google Duplex will pick up a phone and book that hair appointment for you. The era of ever having to talk to a human being and figure out what transactional you needs to act like.


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