Reminder Net Neutrality in the US may finally die Wednesday

LoadingNet Neutrality in a nutshell is what prevents your United States ISP from blocking or charging extra for services you’re supposedly paying for with your unlimited package.

Oh, you can get to Netflix with your unlimited access plan, but it’s going to be slow unless you pay additional for a Netflix fast lane. Oh you’re wanting to stream HD? Yeah another tier.

What, they’re not charging you, they’re going to charge Netflix who will then have to charge you? Oh OK then.

Historically violations of net neutrality went somewhat like: Want to use your voice over IP device instead of our $30 phone? Too bad. (2005, Madison River ISP) want to use Skype on an iPhone? Too bad (2009, Apple & AT&T)

You can read the Wired Guide to Net Neutrality here.

It’s been a long fight with the FCC repeal set to take effect on June 11, 2018 and a Senate Democrat-forced vote to save it going full force tomorrow (May 16).

It’s being voted on again by a congress that’s mostly tech illiterate with special interests spending lots of money to tell them what they want to do. Most ISPs want it repealed, most services want it in place.

Anyway, feel free to weigh in by contacting your congressional representative. You’ve got less than 24 hours.

If you’re lazy you can go here and send a partially autofilled email or call your rep.

Alternately get dragged down reading how Oceania has always been our friend

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