Kitbeez True Wireless Earbuds + power bank review

Kitbeez True Wireless EarbudsThe Kitbeez True Wireless Earbuds + Power Bank are a set of truly wireless earbuds plus a power bank that can either charge the headsets, or provide a boost for pretty much any phone out there right now with the included Lightning and USB C adapters.

Good fit, potential drawbacks

One of the things I hated with the first truly wireless earbuds I tested in 2016 were they weren’t particularly great at receiving from my back pocket to the right ear and arcing over to the left ear. These seem remarkably good at communicating although I can occasionally knock out the left bud my putting my hands over one or the other or both. I was able to knock the left ear out a few times trying, Kitbeez True Wireless Earbudshowever I have a size XXL head in most things so that’s impressive.

The fit is perfect for my earholes. There’re a couple of different sized tips you can use in order to make it maximum comfy, so hopefully it’ll fit everyone. One of the issues I have with these is there are no in-ear-anchors. Although these are extremely light I do worry that much physical activity and we’re going to be spending some time looking around for them.

The other potential drawback is that the battery life of the earbuds is between 2.5 and 4 hours depending on what you’re doing, how loud you’re listening to music, whether you’re using one or two earbuds, how huge your head is.

For me a 2.5 hour listening session isn’t a problem however I do imagine it would be annoying to some who listen all day at work every three hours to take out the earbuds and pop them in the charging sarcophagus for up to an hour.

Kitbeez True Wireless EarbudsKitbeez True Wireless EarbudsKitbeez True Wireless EarbudsKitbeez True Wireless Earbuds

How’s it sound?

Loud. Earsplittingly loud capability which is a potentially good thing. Stereo feels exceptionally split, not sure if they’re doing something different with that or I’m just recovering from accidentally having them on full volume but it feels like there’s a bit more audio space.

Kitbeez True Wireless Earbuds

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of low end however. I don’t know what the range is supposed to be because it’s not listed, but I’ve got a good seal and it’s emulating some bass but not particularly well. I listened to my test music and it seemed, while not tinny, not exactly down where I want it.

Kitbeez True Wireless Earbuds

Kitbeez True Wireless EarbudsKitbeez True Wireless EarbudsKitbeez True Wireless EarbudsKitbeez True Wireless Earbuds

Kitbeez True Wireless Earbuds inconsistent documentation

Kitbeez True Wireless EarbudsLooking at what’s written on the product, the manual, and the Amazon web site leads me to different conclusions.

The printed documentation claims Bluetooth 4.1, the Amazon listing and box claim 4.2.  The documentation lists it as 1.5amp charging and discharging but printed on the charger it says 1A input and output. I plugged my phone in and it claimed it was getting 1.4 amps and then 0.8A any time after that initial claim. So dont know.

The headsets are marketed as “IPx5 Waterproof…”. If you’d like a handy link to the IP ratings website here it is. IPX5 are water resistant, not waterproof. This is not right. They do qualify “for sport,” however if you’re a swimmer and plan to be in the water more than 15 minutes that sport doesn’t appear to be covered.

Potential issues encountered

Kitbeez True Wireless Earbuds
Are they charging? Is this one of those colorblind things I’m going to get ribbed for?

It is extremely hard for me to tell if the earbuds are charging. There’s a display window that you can peek through to see a red light coming off the back of the buds, but it’s such a dull red that I have to go to a dark room in order to see it. This might have something to do with my colorblindness.

While there’s an adapter for Lightning and Type C for the included MicroUSB charging base, there’s nowhere to store them if you want to travel with them. While everything packs up neat for the earbuds and charging, you’ll need to make arrangements for the adapters or charging cable.

If you lose pressure while pressing the button to pair, it’s entirely possible to wind in in another language. Not a huge concern, just something to keep in mind if you’re getting audio cues in another language.

Kitbeez True Wireless Earbuds wrap-up

I’m a little torn on this but I’m generally going to go with they’re ok. I’d love to bash documentation all day but these companies have very little turnaround time to get someone to proof their docs.

The low end sound quality is not where I’d want for a $56 set of earbuds, and in 2018 I’d like to never lose connection to the left ear. At $34 these would be great in my book, at $56 I start feeling the documentation should be complete, correct, and I should be a listing of what the Hz-KHz is.

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The Kitbeez True Wireless Earbuds + power bank is available on Amazon for $56.99 as of this writing.

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