New Jamstick Smart guitars coming soon

Early in 2017 we got a look at the Jamstick + Smart Guitar. It was a pretty amazing piece of hardware and we walked away commending it as a gift on multiple occasions. This year we received news that an indiegogo campaign is underway to fund development and launch of two new models aimed at solving the shortcoming of the earlier model.

zonilhnb9iwdrgrff0wn - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereAs you can see in the handy little chart the new models are better than the previous version across the board. Both seek to address the biggest shortcoming of the old one offering 7 or an impressive 12 frets worth of range. Not quite up to the size of a full guitar yet but it was one of the weaker points of the original jamstick+.


With all that said there are just under two weeks left to back the new models at the supporter prices. I’d encourage anyone who was on the fence before due to price to jump on the 179 for the smaller model.

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