Out of ideas for Mother’s day? Try a PhotoSpring WiFi picture frame

Photospring WiFi picture frame

While I’m still working on the full PhotoSpring review, after playing with this thing for roughly two months now I’d have to say it’s been a joy to work with. I’ll link to the full review when I get it finished (hopefully in the next day or two).

PhotoSpring is a 10-inch IPS WiFi touchscreen with 16, 32, or 8oGB of storage depending on which options you choose. It’s basically what one would consider a tablet with a non-techy looking charging/docking base.

Unlike some of the other photos frames we’ve reviewed, the PhotoSpring can display videos, can be picked up and moved around anywhere on battery, and with the hardware that’s currently in it they’re expecting to roll out an “OK PhotoSpring” voice-enabled component in the future.

Photospring WiFi picture frame“OK PhotoSpring, show me my happy playlist”

That’s not here yet and that also may be a deterrent to some worried about privacy about getting this.

The software needs a little more polish but if you can wait for some developments on the horizon it’s got the potential to be wonderful. For the moment it is pretty good, even if I can’t as of yet pull photo feeds from my friends and have a day-at-a-glace view.

The PC side software (which you don’t have to have,) is pretty simple – you tell it what directory your photos are in and it uploads them. On the frame you can select photos, create playlists, put fingerprints on the frame you’re going to be annoyed at and then immediately clean it.

Photos are sent to the frame, so you’ve got a one time data usage and after that I see very little other than a heartbeat/check in to see if there are more photos.

Overall it’s been a pleasant frame, I’ll have the full review later on it, but it’s generally positive. You can set it up and send photos to it in a WiFi environment and take the frame to a non-WiFi house should you be so inclined. You won’t be able to push more photos to the PhotoSpring but if you’re trying to get mom photos of the grandkids, someone can drop by and provide a hotspot.

The 16GB version holds about 15,000 photos so unless you’re going to be pushing high quality video of the kids on a regular basis you might want to stick with that version.

We’ll have a hopefully complete review in the next couple of days.

The 16GB PhotoSpring WiFi picture frame is available from Amazon for $149. The 32gb is $169, and the 80gb comes in at $199.99

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