Tattu 45 Watt USB C fast wall charger

Tattu 45 Watt USB C fast wall chargerThe Tattu 45 Watt USB C charger clocks in at the highest wattage of any cell/computer charger we’ve reviewed that I’m aware of and is a total beast of a device that can charge compatible phones from dead in about an hour.

45 … say Watt?

It’s got a folding plug for travel and pocketability, and when plugged in it’ll provide 5 volts at 3 amps, 9V at 3A, 15V at 3A, or 20V at 2.25A.

If you’re tired of traveling with a MacBook Pro charger and a phone charger and just want something that can jump-start a horse, chances are very good that this produces enough juice for you.

If you’re looking for something to power your wireless charging pad, THIS IS TOO MUCH AWESOME. Seriously though, it’ll do it but you’re probably not going to use more than half of the potential.

For most phone purposes, this is overkill. I don’t think there’s a phone out there that is going to make use much past around 25 watts. That said, this can almost do twice that and if you’ve got some sort of fancy USB C splitter perhaps you could charge your phone and that of a loved one low on juice at the same time.

Tattu 45 Watt USB C fast wall charger

Or you know, perhaps charge your phone and power three or four LED lights while cooking an egg.

Whatever the case, it exists, works, and charges at a higher capacity than I am able to test accurately. Should anyone want to send me a Macbook Pro to charge, feel free.

Tattu 45 Watt USB C fast wall chargerTattu 45 Watt USB C fast wall chargerTattu 45 Watt USB C fast wall charger

The only thing I’m disappointed in here is that with the size of this charger we don’t have either a second USB C port or a USB A so that we can charge two things at once.

The Tattu 45 Watt USB C fast wall charger is available from Genstattu or get the 45w usb type c wall charger adapter on Amazon for $18.69


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