Vaultz cases long term review

Over a year ago at this point I began searching for a new case to protect my laptop. The case I had been using was starting to show signs of aging beginning to become unusable . To that end I reached out to Vaultz regarding a few of their products. They responded by sending in for review a selection above and beyond that which I’d hoped to examine. I’ve put these cases to use some seeing daily interaction.

Product line Tour

Starting with the largest there was the laptop case itself. It appears to be well thought out case with Velcro to divide the compartment as you see fit. It has no issue holding my S1 yoga and laptops up to 15″ feel comfortable in it although larger than that isn’t something I can test currently. Vaults saw fit to send not just one but two clipboard cases one of which is large enough to hold my laptop. If it weren’t for some of my other accessories this would be a tempting carry option. Finally that brings us to the smallest but not least stash box as well as an assemblage of storage bags.

The Laptop case

I have, both metaphorically and literally, put the laptop case through hell. Even at times pushing it to hold a second laptop(a not so light toughbook) in addition to an assortment of cables chargers adapters papers and everything an IT admin needs in a day. And quite frankly I’m impressed with it save for a single weakness. The strap that allows it to be carried over a shoulder instead of by it’s handle gave out after about 8 months. Specifically the stamped steel hooks that held it in place stretched and gave way. A more robust design would have made the strap non removable something that i’m sure doesn’t appeal to Vaultz. Other than that I’ve had no issues despite being dropped used as a table, bounced around and generally used roughly. Users who are nicer to their things and have less weight to carry day to day should expect a very long life from this case.

The Clipboard cases

These are the two cases I unfortunately spent the least time with. I simply don’t have a ton of uses for clipboards and paper on a regular basis. The clipcase was tempting to use my laptop with, and force me to carry a few less things. However in practice it’s very limited due to it’s small size, an inch larger in any direction would have assisted it here. It wasn’t possible to place my S1 yoga and it’s charger in the case at the same time. Users with thinner travel chargers may experience a different outcome. The other clipboard worked well for what I did use it for(holding documents on a switchroom wall) but has mostly just stayed where it is. Both clipboards felt very sturdy and had no issues surviving some light tossing about I simply wish I had better reason to subject them to more realistic wear.

The Stashbox and bags

It was my experience that it’s small stature gave the stashbox and extra measure of sturdiness over time. I found it more than at home holding an action camera and assortment of related accessories including various mounting options and a charger. Although it wasn’t used daily like the laptop case I found plenty of reason to drag it and my action camera a variety of places. The mesh bags have been quite handy taming the mess of cables and flash drives in the other cases.

Closing thoughts

Overall I’m impressed with the entire lineup presented by Vaultz. I’m not kind to the laptop case and for it to survive a full year when more industrial options haven’t is a testament to it’s design. Although more limited in what it can hold the clip cases would be an excellent option for tablet users needing a hard case. Overall I’m convinced that these cases will survive most users for years without issue. The full Vaultz lineup is available on amazon although we’ve linked directly to the products covered in this review.

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Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith is a full time IT administrator at a medium sized private business former FRC coach and technology enthusiast.

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