An interesting HTC 10 (to me) screen break

HTC 10 broken screenWarning: no picture, second hand story. Something interesting happened to my wife’s HTC 10 the other day. The screen cracked while the phone was sitting on a desk, untouched.

She’d texted someone, placed the phone down on the desk, looked at a response text, looked back and the entire screen from top speaker to bottom and side to side had cracked.

What we worked out was that the phone had been dropped two days prior, probably developed a small crack, and then some combo of heat, vibrator motor, potential battery bulge, and demons managed to take an invisible crack and turn it into something that covered three quarters of the phone.

OK, maybe that was only interesting to me, however if you ever run across a phone screen suddenly exploding it might not be your coworkers screwing with you or your kid’s fault.

Alternately wife just wants an upgrade.

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Paul E King

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14 thoughts on “An interesting HTC 10 (to me) screen break

    • yeah, unfortunately it will be tonight. I thought I took one the other day and it’s simply not there.

      • I hate that, the worst is you find out it was somewhere you didn’t expect later.

  • Avatar of Kenneth Eisen

    Wasn’t that the replacement phone? Spooky!

    • Yup – as of right now I’ve got my old HTC 10 with a new battery and probably-working screen/glass but some motherboard damage we assume and the replacement phone with spiderweb cracks everywhere.

      While my HTC 10 only had the battery issue, marks the most issues I had with an HTC model.

      I mean, unrelated most likely, not casting shade on HTC for this.

      • Avatar of Kenneth Eisen

        So what’s in the running, to get for the wife?

        • So far there’s the Galaxy 9 and iPhone. She doesn’t care Android/Apple she’s just interested in that silly emoji person chat that both have.

          I’d like to keep her in the Android ecosystem just because, but honestly I want something indestructible at this point because I do not want to be tech support after work.

          Any suggestions? This happened right before we did a mini vacation so just starting to look today

          • Avatar of Kenneth Eisen

            Both solid choices and if she wants “that silly emoji person chat” well that’s what she gets! I guess that leaves out HTC.

      • That really does look like it radiated out from the phone, from what I remember that’s right where it would get warmest under high load at that.

        • yup – no doubt of what wife told me. I think we’re sufficiently far along in the relationship that she would tell me she crushed the phone in anger or dropped it.

          The one thing that I noticed when looking closely is near the earpiece spider crack there’s a small amount missing. In this picture it just looks a little whiter, but there’s a possibility it radiated down from that and then back out.

          I’ve got an iPad that a spider crack radiated down and then back up again and the area where the crack started does not look like where it started.

          • Avatar of Kenneth Eisen

            Maybe an inadvertent bang against an earring. If that’s even possible?

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