AT&T 3rd price hike on “grandfathered” unlimited plans

AT&T death star from Customers who previously had the unlimited data plan and got grandfathered in are getting their third price hike since inception, this time to the tune of 12.5%.

The unlimited plan was discontinued eight years ago with customers who had it being left with a $30 a month unlimited.

Then it became $35 in 2016, $40 in 2017, and now will be $45 going forward. That’s a 50% price increase over the past eight years.

T-Mobile was quick to point that out this morning and will swoop in (like the Batfleck that AT&T owns now,) and give AT&T users an incentive up to $900 to switch over to the Uncarrier.

WTH (Why the Hike) Deal

When your plan gets ‘grandfathered,’ it’s supposed to mean you’re locked in at that price. At T-Mobile, that’s just what you get with the Un-contract. Only you have the power to change what you pay for T-Mobile ONE.

With the WTH Deal, anyone on AT&T’s “grandfathered” Data Unlimited for iPhone on 4G LTE with Visual Voicemail – and anyone who was on that plan through June 7th — can port their number to T-Mobile AND get a one-time $250 deal via prepaid card. Plus, they can get in on any of the Un-carrier’s current promotional deals for switchers and take full advantage of Carrier Freedom, for up to $650 via trade-in credit and prepaid card to pay off your contract or phone payments with trade-in when you sign up for T-Mobile ONE.

That’s about that. I realize this reads like an ad for T-Mobile which it pretty much is, but if I were an AT&T user I’d start carefully reading their contracts and drop them at first contract breach, price hike, or re-definition of a term they throw out.

AT&T’s goal is appears is to get you to move to a new plan where data deprioritization, and base price, seem to be the main differentiating factor.

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