Google Home Continued Conversation available now

Toast Made custom photo etching Google Home wrapI spotted the feature yesterday in the Google Home app but was too busy with working to disable Google Assistant automatically and a bunch of subsequent Tasker projects I wanted to try that I didn’t get a chance to play with it. Google Home can now carry on the conversation without saying OK Google all the time.

You’ll need to enable Continued Conversation in the Home app. To do that go to Home, top left hamburger menu, more settings, preferences, Continued Conversation.

If you’re not seeing it you may need to update your Google Home app, or shake your phone or something. I’m never really sure when these are preexisting things they just threw a switch for or whether it necessitates an app update. Alternately you may not be in a country that currently supports continued conversation. There’s always that possibility.

Continued Conversations leaves the speaker on for an additional eight seconds after wakeup, and if Google catches a command it’ll execute it, then leave the mic hot on for eight more seconds, so on and so forth.

You can now have a somewhat running conversation with Google

OK Google, what’s the weather? What’s my commute look like? What time is it? What’s a good whiskey drink? What time is it in Malaysia?  Remind me to get whiskey at Costco. What’s a good Tequila drink? Remind me to get limes at Costco. Does beer go bad? When was Billy Beer manufactured? Remind me to get beer at Costco. What’s the number to poison control?

What I’m expecting to happen with the Continued Conversation feature, at least with kids in the house, is a mass amount of misdirected commands. But we’ll see.

Google Home continued conversationGoogle Home continued conversationGoogle Home continued conversation

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