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How to automatically enable/disable OK Google detection (without root)

Tasker and AutoToolsSo after telling everyone to get off my lawn I decided to delve into this problem I’ve been running into and take control of my phone to automatically disable OK Google detection.

I’ll assume you know some about Tasker as, well, I’ve got a few hundred things I’ve got to get done today and I’m out of time to do much more than say “whoo hoo, it can be done!”.

For my setup you’ll need:

  • Profile trigger event (WiFi, location, NFC tag, whatever)
  • Tasker
  • AutoTools
  • Computer to run one ADB command

Install AutoTools, you’ll need to grant it permission to read secure settings via this command

adb shell pm grant com.joaomgcd.autotools android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

For that you’ll need adb enabled, know how to ADB, all those things we’ve covered before and I’ll hyperlink later today hopefully.

Tasker and AutoToolsTasker and AutoToolsMy tasker Profile for this example is WiFi Connected – I’m assuming I’ll be connected to my home network, but you can use whatever you want.

Under tasks I’ve made two, one to turn the assistant off, one to turn it on.

WiFi connected task is to turn off the assistant, exit task turns it back on for when I leave the house.

The AutoTools plugin was used, and to find and set the assistant state you just look for Services, Assistant, and in my case I have NONE and GOOGLE. I set it to none when connected to my home/work, and Google when not.

I’m going to play around with this and see if I can get it in any non-Tasker format, but for the moment knowing how to disable OK google detection, at least my lawn is secure.

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