Partial refunds for Play Store subscriptions/IAP now available to developers

Play Console partial refundIf you’ve ever subscribed to a service or made an in-app purchase via Google Play you didn’t like, the general abilities of the developer were previously limited to issuing a full refund or giving you something wildly out of line like a fire breathing dragon playable character on your OCR software.

As of the past few days developers are able to issue partial refunds, which means, hopefully, a better experience for all. That said, I’ve never seen something Google roll out to make life better that wasn’t abused somehow, I’m just not seeing it tonight.

It should be noted it’s entirely possible your favorite app developer does not know they can issue partial refunds as of yet, so you might have to educate them with this handy dandy link before they know how to do this.

Should also be noted this does not appear to apply to full app purchases, which are covered under a 48 hour window or so last I checked, only in app purchases and subscriptions.

Best use scenario I can think of this is when a developer needs to take down a production game for some serious maintenance, or perhaps a tropical storm takes out their servers for days, and they want to refund the partial month’s subscription to people without having to cancel everyone’s subscription and refund and have them sign up again.

Alternately if you discover your Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster doesn’t sufficiently fnord your character you can get some sort of refund on the in-app-purchase of the Hitchhikian remnant and go for something else.

[via xda-developers]
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